Pegastril Nuevo – Disinfectant Foot Mat

NUEVO disinfectant Foot-mat is different from classic door mats. By pressing on the sole of the foot
cleans and disinfects. A special sponge layer that absorbs liquid and does not contain solid particles
The waterproof fabric that surrounds the pool structure and the outermost mat make it long-lasting.
It consists of a thick canvas. The edges and the top is closed and the disinfectant liquid
Preserves. Foamy liquid disinfectant emerges in volume proportional to the pressure applied to the surface. So the maximum
foot disinfectant is provided. The waterproof fabric that creates a pool structure by holding the disinfectant inside
Thanks to its structure and smooth surface, the adhesion of microorganisms is prevented.
Thanks to its filter, the top and inside of the mat is easy to clean. It does not smell. Disinfectant consumption is low.
Depending on the transition traffic, disinfectant can be supplemented every day or maximum 2-3 days.

  • 99.999% Kill Rate
  • Free from Harmful side effects